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Is There a Pandemic Exemption to Corporate Worship?

On May 22 a Judge ruled there is not a Pandemic exemption to the Constitution. Read Here

Here are the other things there is not a Pandemic exemption to.

Nor to what Scripture says or teaches about One-Anothering, Shepherding, Assembled Worship, Discipleship in close Proximity, Meeting in One-Another’s homes, being in Community, breaking bread together, the Lord’s Supper, the importance of touch, Being in Relationship, not living in Fear.

We are called by Scripture to do these things. And it is nearly impossible to do so in the way Scripture calls us to these more than 2 months.

I support the effort we undertook to help make things safe and to help the medical community and government work out supplies, treatments and plans, and give businesses guidance on protocols. , but had (and if) the lock-down gone on much longer in NC it would be hard to argue that we are doing what Scripture models and calls us to as it relates to worship and community in the Body of Christ.

I am concerned for that, for loss of income, jobs, and businesses, for emotional, relational, and spiritual distress caused by this lock-down. For increased substance abuse, overdosing, and suicide. For language that demeans human dignity, such as “nonessential worker” and others. Of course I am concerned for the health of people. But this lock-down looked at 1 thing. The Physical, at the expense of a lot.

Was it worth it? I’ll leave that to others. And I’ll give the governing authorities the benefit of the doubt, treating them with respect, while advocating for our rights, truth, good data, and for human flourishing.

I know this disease is serious, having many in my family or among friends who have gotten it.  I personally know people who have lost loved ones from it. So there is no justification for acting recklessly. I’m not advocating that.  Social distancing protocols are good and necessary. We should respect peoples space and not put them needlessly at risk acting cavalier, and give them freedom to be more cautious than you are without judgment.

I just know it is time to care for people’s whole being, and to do so in a way that is wise and safe, but affords personal freedom and responsibility, because people know what they need for themselves, and Scripture shows what we need…and I repeat, and to do so in a way that is wise and safe.

And we as a society know it is important. For years we have heard discussions on how socio-economic conditions and opportunity contributes to a person’s happiness and well-being and future.  (How do we think keeping the lower class under lockdown, with no work, and telling them to stay home in their efficiencies and 1 bedroom apartments is going to do for their well-being?) We have known the importance of education and teachers being in student’s lives.  Even before this pandemic we were in a Mental Health crisis, had a suicide crisis, a pornography crisis, an addiction crisis,  and have acknowledged the devastating effects of isolation.  The importance of touch has been a frequent topic, first recognized as it relates with the elderly, but then as it was studied as it relates to every person’s well-being.

All of the above are pre-Covid societal recognitions of the importance of whole-life safety and what is important to human flourishing.  All things that have gotten worse through the shutdown.

This is my assessment 11 weeks into this. If you disagree, I understand and will not attack you nor be angry with you. I would hope you would offer me others you disagree with the same courtesy. I am not advancing conspiracies nor inciting fear.

I am a Pastor, and while I care about the Physical, I care more about the whole person’s being and well-being.

And he said to his disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on.  For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.” – Luke 12:22-23

See The Two Videos Below on COVID’s Effects on Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction:

George Sayour
George Sayour

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