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How Do We Change Society?

It seems everyone is upset with culture nowadays.  Christians are no different.  So how are Christians to go about changing society?  You might not like how Scripture models seeking change to happen.  It’s not through force, it’s not through virtue signaling, or public shaming, or threats. Its through love.

Yes, seek Justice through legal means. I have yet to find a person who doesn’t agree that the cop who strangled George Floyd should face charges. Near 100% agreement.

What is it that is desired? And end to abuse of power? An end to racism? Those are heart issues. Racism is driven by fear. What casts out fear? Force? Shaming? Hate? Creating more Fear??? Love. 1 John 4:18

You have no power or ability to change hearts. Understand, when you talk about Systemic Racism, you are talking less about a “system” and more about hearts of people within a system. All the things this moment and movenett wants is already the law. Anti-discrimination and the Civil Rights Act have been the law of the land for decades. By all means we should root out systemically racist policies and laws where they exist. But again be clear, you already can’t discriminate based on race, and justice is required regardless of race.

It’s all already illegal. What is the problem then? Legislation doesn’t change hearts.

How about the racism you don’t see within yourself or the systems you live in? Well, again, all the above argument holds true. These are heart issues. And we may need to awaken to them, but by what means?

The Bible does show you what does work. Will you use it?

Here in the Letter to Philemon Paul shows you the Biblical model. Thank you Jason Helopolis for this article :

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